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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Banned Apps by Google

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In this content we have talk about the recently banned apps by Google. More than 3.5 million apps are there in  Google play store.
But recently Google has removed some apps from their play store. Google has removed it because these apps were violating the policies of Google. Some popular apps like Sarah, Tube mate, Amazon Underground etc.
1- Sarah: Most of us are familiar with this app Sarah. It was the most popular Annoymus messaging app. It was created by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq . It earned a huge popularity in 2017. In fact we can say it got it's world wide success in previous year 2K17. Mainly It was available in 2 languages. It got around 14 million users.
We all have seen it's craze in the previous year on Twitter, Facebook, and on other places also.
The speciality of this app was if a person message to someone through this app then he/she will be unable to detect that person who has send the message. It was reported that this app uploads the users address book information to it's web server.
But the main problem comes in 2K18. Already critics have complained against it because they claimed that this app was being used by bullies and it also encouraged other people to send abusive messages to others.
A petition was set up against this app by Katrina Collins. She told that some one was sending her daughter abusive, horrifying messages by using this app.
So that's why finally this app has been removed from play store and app store.
2- TubeMate: On the 2nd position we have one of the most popular app TubeMate.
It helps user to download YouTube videos directly to users phone. Even users didn't have to watch the video to download the videos. But for some reason Google and you tube was not happy with this app. They didn't want to download their videos in the user's smartphone though now they offers offline viewing.
3- CM Installer: Full from of this app is CyanogenMod installer. It Is a custom version of the Android operating system.
Users could apply system wide themes,  
and also could get advance gestures.
It also allowed the users to this CM without rooting the device.
4- Ad-Away: This is not a so popular app but it's not difficult for us to understand that why Google has removed this app. It is an add blocker app.
Actually it was an effective app.
So what does it do? It blocks the unnecessary ads shown by the other apps. We think no one will advise some one to use this app because some apps may not work with Ad-Away installed app. It could be a threat to mobile advertising companies so finally Google has removed it.
5- Amazon Underground: On the fifth position we have Amazon Underground app. Recently Google has removed this app also from their play store. What is Amazon Underground? It is one kind of a play store or app store. Users can download many games and apps from Amazon Underground. And having this kind of app in play store it's against the pollicies of Google.
So that is why Google has removed it from play store. But users can download it directly from Amazon official website.
6- Rush Poker: Rush poker, most of us are familiar with this app. It is one of the most popular app which is used for gambling.
It deals with real money. Users used it to gamble with real money. It's kind of a poker game we can understand it by its name. We have came to know that some complains have been lodged against it. Thought we are not sure.
But it was vilolating the Google policies so Google has removed it from play store.
7- PSX4Droid: It is like a play station emulator. Play station games lover used to play games on their smartphone with help of this app. It helps users to play play-station games on their smartphone.
It become popular in a short time among game lovers.
But recently Google has banned it for copyright issues.
8- TV Portal: It was available for Android device. It has all kind of movies and TV shows in their server. It enables user to see the shows any time any where on this app.
It helps the users to stream tv shows and movies on their android phone.
But recently Google has removed it from play store because of some copyright issues.
Disclaimer: Informations are based on some resources so some times it may or may not be fully correct.

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