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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Android P: Upcoming version of android !

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Welcome to another topic of our Tech News.
In this article we have talked about upcoming version of android. The name comes with it is Android P.
Google has just released it that they will launch new version of android at the end or mid end of 2018.
Though Google has not declared everything about it but whatever we think we know about it we would like to share it with all the viewers. 

Recently Google has launched  new developer preview of Android P. Though  Google has not declare it as Android 9.0 but still we can think it.

So the question basically comes to our mind that what will be it's name?  or What will be the full
from of this android P?
Here we have just guessed that what can be the name of this version, Android Parle-G or it can be also called Android pie, it can be also called android pecan pie. But the most probable name comes is the Android Pistachio Ice Cream.

Next question comes in our mind is that How to get this version in our android smartphones?
There is a bad news comes also with it that at this moment no android device will get this version of android except Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.
Those who have Google set they can download the android p. But in that case the user need to do manual flash and need to revert the current OS to use this developer preview.  As Google has launched it for the first time and it is also a developer preview so we would never suggest anyone to use this in user's main smartphone. In that case you may face some problem. It will not be available for all android devices.

Benefits and features of Android P :
What benefits we may get in android p? As we don't know properly about it but still now we can just give an idea that which benefits users may get?
The very first updates or benefits users may get in case of Indoor positioning. It is like GPS system working process. Some times we don't get the actual or proper location with the help of GPS  but in Android P users will get very proper location with the help of Wi-Fi protocol 802.11. Suppose if you are in a closed mall or house or in any closed place in that case also it ill be able to give proper location. Also suppose if you need to find anything like shop or any other things then you can easily navigate.
Second benefits is the notch support. Mainly we can see notches in apple devices but now android is also bringing the new notch supporting system. So users will get a better lay out.
In the third position we have better notification system . Users will get notification and updates in a new manner. Suppose some one send you an image then you will be able to see it in notification.
And it is obvious that simplicity, speed, messaging style, front style will be better than previous versions of android. Google has also improved the icons in android P.
Users will get image decoder for bitmaps and also users will get the help of multi camera APIs. There will be so many ways to extend the apps. There will be a better intergration  for android things.
Security system will be also better than the other previous version of android.It will also protect the device from virus. It will prevent the malicious apps to run in the background. Users will also get the unified fingerprint authentication. It will also prevent that apps to get access of user's camera and mic. Users will also get support of on device machine learning. Though it was also in Android Oreo but Google has just improved and upgrade it.
There will be also a benefit of image sharing between android and apple devices. Storage efficiency will be high. It will be able to consume low memory space even for high quality images and videos.

So these benefits will users get in Android P.

So we expect that we would seen above features in and also they may add some other features with Android P.

DISCLAIMER:  Informations are based on some resources. Some times it may or may not be fully correct.

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