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Sunday, 11 February 2018

Moto G5s plus review

I am using Moto G5s plus for last three months. It has some great features. In this content I have talked about my experience of using this smartphone.


RATING-  4.0/5

If you want a good camera smartphone below 20,000 then it will be a good choice for you. It has some unique camera features. It's camera performance is well. It does it work properly. There is no huge difference between Moto G5 plus and Moto G5s plus except the camera feature. It's dual camera  do it's job very well. Low light camera performance of  its rear camera is kind of okay, I can say better than other smartphones in this budget. I like very much it's front camera. It's front camera does it's work properly. Front flash helps the front camera to take better images in low light. Overall performance of both camera is good.
My personal recommendation  is some one wants a good camera smartphone below 20k then definitely go for it. It will not disappointed you.

GAMING PERFOMANCE:                                       
RATING- 3.8/5

It is one of the best gaming smartphone below 20k. I have played almost all high quality games like Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5, GTA, Max payne on this phone. All games are running on this phone without any major lagging. I have not faced any lagging during playing games on this phone. It's RAM management is good so if you minimize and again open the game you will not face any probem it will o start from it's starting situation in case of middle quality games. But the major problem is that it gets heated during playing games. If we play game on it for a long time then some kind of lagging you may face. But the overall gaming performance is definitely better than other smartphones.

CPU/SESNSORS PERFOMANCE:                                        
RATING- 3.2/5

If we talk about it's CPU and sensor performance then it's kind of okay, but not the best. I am disappointed with it's CPU performance. My personal recommendation is please don't do experiments with this smartphone and also don't use other launcher in this smartphone. After using I am facing some problem. My phone has became slow after using other launcher. If we continually use this smartphone for long time then it  will became slow and some kind lagging problem you may notice. then  Also don't use this phone during the charging. During the charging touch does not work properly and you will face problem at the time of using finger print. Finger print sensor does not work properly during charging time. Other sensors are working properly. And they are giving good performance. Except the above performance it's CPU performance is good.

BATTERY PERFOMANCE:                                          
RATING- 4.2/5

The best thing which I most like about this smartphone is it's battery performance. It supports fast charging. It has 'MOTO Turbo charging'. It has 3000 mAH battery which works properly. If you charge it fully and you are not a heavy user then it will covers the whole day. May you don't need  
it again. It takes nearly around 1hour 20 minutes to fully charge. First 70% takes very little time, nearly around 45minutes. But the last 35% take some times.
I think in this case other smartphones in this budget are far behind than this phone. It's battery performance is better than other things in this smartphone.  

Personal opinion: If you want a good smartphone with good camera, good gamming performance and good battery life then obviously this is the best smartphone below 15000Rs.

DISCALIMER: These informations are based on my experience. 

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